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I want to thank you for the care in which you wrapped my item. As well as having this item available. I wish you continued success in your business.

Karole V.

thanks so much. already delivered! you guys are super fast. thanks


WOW. You are the first retailer that I have received such an authentic, knowledgeable response from! THANK YOU so much, Frank! Most retailers are completely unaware of the Kelvin meter or they assume consumers too stupid to understand! I am returning to your site today to look around and see what quantities you sell in. I am not trying to be insanely obsessive about this, but the truth is I have made substantial purchases of LED bulbs to replace the incandescent ones and asked the same question before only to receive bulbs that look ,"baby blue", when illuminated! They all reside in boxes in my garage waiting to be donated to a good cause! So, because color is so subjective, I might be into purchasing a single bulb (even though shipping fees make it costly), to test against my desired color in the light strands! I don't really need it to be too warm...I actually like a pure white type but that gets dodgy because retailers think that the blue hued ones are pure white! So I don't even inquire about them anymore! Anyway, that is all my problem, not yours! I really just wanted to THANK YOU for such an intelligent and thorough answer!! WOW!

Debi R.

I would like to thank Total Lighting for the prompt replies and service. When we need more lighting products you guys are on the top of our list.

Jan P.

I received my UPS delivery today. It was nicely and securely packaged. They look and work exactly as advertised. I love my new lights. Thank you very much, Total Recessed Lighting. By the way, I learned about you from YouTube and your website.

Henry D.

You've been very helpful - several times - with this purchase. Good service is a wonderful thing when you're on the receiving end of it, so thanks again.

Grady K.

Thank you for your quick replacement of the damaged fixture. I truly appreciate the quality of customer service that you provided and look to purchase from Total Lighting in the future.

Angelo L.

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