About Us

Total Lighting SupplyLighting is a critical part of any home or business that can be easily over looked or forgotten about, that is, until the lights don't turn on. That's when lighting takes center stage. If you think about it, lighting is an essential part of life. It helps you get around, allows you to stay more productive, aids in marketing products, illuminates a work of art, brings out the luster in gems, provides entertainment and much much more.

Lighting in business is the sales person you never knew you had. It shows off your jewelry, paintings, gaming consoles, cereal boxes . . . virtually every product you sell to your customers even before you or your sales staff. Now there are good and there are bad sales people. Some so bad you wish you had stayed home that day. The same goes applies to lighting. There is good lighting and there is bad lighting. That's where Total Lighting Supply comes in.

At Total Lighting Supply we are not just about selling you light bulbs, light fixtures and light components we are also about helping you achieve amazing and successful lighting results in both your business and home. If you want your lighting to aid your sales force and boost sales or lighting to provide security and beauty to your home from the inside out contact us by phone, email or live chat and we will be glad to change what you thought of lighting forever.