LED Canless Designer Lights

Our LED canless slimline recessed lights utilize state-of-the-art high color rendering LEDs. They are more energy-efficient than old style halogen, fluorescent and incandescent recessed can lights. This is due to the fact that the lack of a fixture means there aren't holes for heat and air conditioning to escape through, and LED lights are more energy-efficient than other bulbs. These fixtures mount in the smallest spaces. We also offer mounting plates for ease of installation and perfect location centering for your electrician and ceiling installer. Our LED canless recessed lights are IC rated (see the individual product) but we still recommend an air gap around them to help them dissipate heat, to improve overall performance. We offer our slim wafer recessed LED in both a fixed color temperature as well as a selectable color temperature options. This exciting recessed product is offered now in a number of sizes, finishes and types to insure you have almost unlimited possibilities to make your design easy and the space amazing.