LED Designer Trims

Has LED recessed lighting left you wanting more options? More finishes? More Styles? Find a wide selection of 4" and 6" LED Designer recessed lighting trims that will add those extra options you have been looking for!

You will only find LED Designer Recessed Lighting in 4" & 6" on this page. Familiarize yourself with the different finishes, styles and sizes and see which one fits your lighting needs best. There will be times you will find that not one finish, style or color temperature fits all and having multiple options to accomplish the lighting task at hand is the perfect solution.

  • 4" LED Designer Trims

    The 4" LED recessed ceiling light has become a standard in lighting. The older 6" style is now found mostly in the kitchen and in commercial spaces. The 4" LED designer trims are more unobtrusive and elegant with 13 finishes, 2 styles and 5 color temperatures to choose from. An all in one solution for existing recessed lights or bundle them with 4" LED housings for new construction, our LED designer trims are sure match any room or space.

  • 6" LED Recessed Lighting

    The 6" recessed ceiling LED light is an industry standard and has been for years. The first recessed fixture to become LED, and the first one to have a LED module that can adapt to an existing 6" housing. We now offer a wide selection of finishes, styles and color temperatures to meet the needs of any remodel or the standards of LED compliant new construction applications. Each trim comes complete with an Edison adaptor that ships with the module trim combination to work in your existing fixture. To find if it will work for sure we have made a video so you can find out.

Not sure if you our trim will fit your recessed housing? Watch the video below to help you find out quickly.