6" Dim to Warm Trims

Designer 6-inch or 5-inch LED recessed lighting trim retrofit module with Smart-Dim technology changes color temperature from cool light to warmer light when dimmed. When the recessed trim dims to warm, it makes a smooth transition across the black body radiator curve. Starting with a 100% lumen output at 3000K, down to a 1% lumen output at 1600K, maintaining a constant CRI of 90+. It results in rich amber tones as the light dims providing a relaxing experience. An ideal solution for 4" recessed down lighting in hospitality, residential, and assisted living applications.

This part of our family of special 6 inch LED recessed retrofit module trims are made for down-lighting applications when only the best will do. Please see our designer notes on this product as well as all the trim color choices.

The TLS-RL629 is our newest, most efficient, and advanced LED trim retrofit module for recessed, ceiling lighting fixtures. It's unique design delivers color quality above a 90 CRI rating. The color matching has never been so close, with a binning as low as 3 MacAdams ellipses. This CRI is maintained during the dimming curve as the color temperatures changes.

The TLS-RL629 LED retrofit trim meets all new mandatory California Title 24 requirements including the JA8, as well as New York State, Washington State and all main approvals, see the extensive list below.

The Designer LED Module has been engineered for new construction to meet Title-24's "No Edison Socket" mandate. Also meets California JA8 requirements. Works with all of LED recessed Title 24 housings and many other brands. Works with our existing 4" incandescent housings but is also suitable for use in most 4" recessed downlight housings in the market (Unit ships with an Edison adaptor from the orange plug to a standard screw in Edison base). See our video - Will Your Trim Fit My Recessed Housing Video - that helps answer many common questions.

A word to the wise: Do not schedule your installation date until you have received and accounted for all items needed for your project. Please plan accordingly!